Aerial Photography

We have worked with some of the best photographers on the East Coast to capture incredible images.


Charity and Fundraiser Support

East Coast Helicopter Tours has supported multiple charity and fundraising events in the past. Our services have been called on by organizations such as the Special Olympics, the Little League World Series, LLS, and multiple drops. For example golf ball drops and candy drops.

Please contact us with any questions to see if our services are right for you. No idea is too far-fetched and if you can dream it, we will see if we can accommodate to make it a reality.

Custom Scenic Tours

We are glad to make arrangements in advance for anyone who might be interested in mapping out their own scenic tour route. Please call us today for a quote and booking inquiries.

Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

We are always willing to support local news programming on getting the most detailed shots they need for their news coverage. We have flown multiple missions on getting the shots you need. We can be in the sky in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. Please call for more details.

Pipe and Power Line Inspections

A critical element to all of our daily lives, it is important to make sure our utility lines are always operating at their best. We have many hours of experience flying utility inspections in the northeast and are ready to help you with our services.  Please call us today for a quote and booking inquiries.

Other Services

  • Photo and Videography
  • Land, Wildlife, and Environmental Surveys
  • Real Estate Scouting
  • Emergency Services
  • Proposals
  • Wedding Services
  • Group Services
  • Call for All Other Inquires